ReFresh New Mown Grass - Odour & Dust Suppressant - 1000L

ReFresh New Mown Grass - Odour & Dust Suppressant - 1000L

Product Code: CN324IBC
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A concentrated grass-scented odour neutralising liquid formulation, containing natural essential oils, surface active agents, solubilisers and bacteriostats.

Used for absorbing and neutralising a broad spectrum of airborne odours on sites such as waste storage and processing facilities. Reduces nuisance emissions, and improves air quality and compliance.

Combats problem odours the natural way, without masking agents, leaving a subtle scent reminiscent of new mown grass. Also suppresses airborne dust.

For dilution in potable water and atomisation into the air at dilution ratios of 1:50 to 1:500 (0.2% to 2.0%).

Handling and Storage
Non-hazardous and non-toxic. Observe normal handling precautions - refer to Safety Data Sheet for more information.

Store undiluted in original sealed containers in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place away from sunlight and temperature extremes beyond 2°C-25°C.




Dust Control, Odour Control

Application Method

Airborne mist, Surface spray, Solid waste additive

Pack Size

1000L IBC Skid

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Over £1,000

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