Huwa-San WT TR5 - Disinfectant - 125 Boxes of 6 x 1kg

Huwa-San WT TR5 - Disinfectant - 125 Boxes of 6 x 1kg

  • £3,125.00

The original silver-stabilised hydrogen peroxide-based, broad-spectrum disinfectant.
Used for disinfection of surfaces, water and airspace to promote safe, healthy and thriving people environments, with proven effectiveness against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, spores and mycobacteria.

Also used for improving quality and safety in food and pharmaceutical production, agriculture and process water systems.
In use for over 20 years and backed by extensive testing to the very highest standards.

Can be applied by spraying, fogging, wiping and dosing. Use as supplied or pre-dilute with water immediately prior to use, according to the application guidelines in Corgin's product datasheet and your specific requirements. Always use the purest water available to extend the efficacy of diluted product. Diluted product that has been stored any longer than 24 hours should have the concentration of available Hydrogen Peroxide checked periodically using a test strip, and concentrate added as necessary to achieve the target concentration for your application.

Handling and Storage
Non-hazardous and non-toxic when applied correctly at typical dilution levels of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. Always observe safe handling precautions - refer to the Safety Data Sheet for more information.
Store undiluted in original sealed containers in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place away from sunlight and temperature extremes beyond 2°C-20°C. Shelf life is up to 2 years when packaged and stored correctly.