ReVive Nitrifier - for Ammonia Reduction - 25L

ReVive Nitrifier - for Ammonia Reduction - 25L

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A concentrated liquid blend of selected non-pathogenic, naturally occurring autotrophic nitrifying micro-organisms in a buffered suspension.

Used for seeding aerobic nitrification processes, including activated sludge plants, SBRs, SAFs, BAFFs, RBCs, trickling filters and wastewater lagoons. Facilitates rapid nitrification start-up, recovery and enhancement, and helps meet ammonia consent compliance requirements.

For best results, use in a side-stream BioReactor with automatic breeding and dosing cycles as advised by Corgin. In emergency can be dosed manually.

Handling and Storage
Non-hazardous and non-toxic, and not harmful to humans or the environment. Observe normal handling precautions - refer to Safety Data Sheet for more information.

Store undiluted in original sealed containers in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place away from sunlight and temperature extremes beyond 2°C-25°C. Refrigeration will extend shelf-life but do not freeze.

Part of the ReVive brand


Odour ControlWastewater Treatment

Application Method

Surface spray, Wastewater additive

Pack Size

Single 25L Drums

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£200 to £300

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< £15